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The Look: DRESS, Forever 21 (not online anymore, but I love this one) :: SUNGLASSES, Loft (similar here) :: GREEN STONE NECKLACE, found in the spa store at  Hershey Spa :: ARROW NECKLACE, Stella & Dot :: SANDALS, Boden


This dress was on sale at Forever 21 a few months ago and I snagged it.  I loved the black background with the floral design and I loved the back cut out.  I bought it knowing that it would probably need work since I always have trouble buying off the rack.  So I took it to my favorite seamstresses at Maridadi Couture where they were able to hem, pull in and put cups in the chest area so I wouldn’t need to worry about a bra.  Now I love the dress even more.  It is super comfy and light to wear on those really hot days.  It definitely is a great go-to option in my everyday rotation.  Sometimes I love buying a piece at a bargain price and then paying to make it tailored to me.  If you haven’t tried doing this yet, you should give it a try!  And just for the record I am not a redhead.  It is funny how the images make my hair look so red!  Summer is a horrible time for my hair because even though it is dark it bleaches really easily.  I can’t wait until my hair appointment next week to get some of this brassiness out!


Hope everyone is having a great week!











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Share With Style!

clothing collage


 Legging Jeans :: Jacket :: Boyfriend Jeans :: Purse :: Heels :: Boots


This past Friday started the Nordstrom’s Anniversary sale!  One of my favorite, favorite sales of the year.  Normally around this time, as strange as it may sound, I am starting to think about my fall wardrobe.  I am not done with the warm weather yet, I just like to start thinking about what pieces I would like to add to my closet come the cooler weather.  I love this sale because you can do just that—it isn’t just spring and summer clothes and accessories on sale.  Above are only a few of my choices—my poor wishlist!  I am going to have to narrow it down a lot more because there is no way that I can get everything on it!  It is a great time to purchase a designer piece that you may not buy otherwise.  Getting a designer piece on sale has a sense of satisfaction to it for some reason.  What are some of the pieces that you love?  I’d love to hear about them!


Hope everyone is having a great start to the week.  Check back for more fashion this week!











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1. full shot 1

2. full shot side 2

3. half shot

4. full shot jacket and purse

5. sitting

6 640 body chain

7. purse

8. earrings

9. lashes and purfume


The Look: T-SHIRT, J. Crew :: PANTS, Saks Fifth Avenue :: HEELS, Boston Proper :: EARRINGS, via Socialbliss :: BODY CHAIN, via Socialbliss :: CLUTCH, Melie Bianco (Socialbliss) :: NECKLACE, Nordstrom :: SUNGLASSES, Nordstrom


Lucky me!  I was able to get an early style box from Socialbliss this month to see the newest pieces.  It is also perfect timing because this month new subscriptions can get $5 OFF any plan with code: NSJULY5.  No better time to give the style box a try!  In the images above I am styling the pieces that I received!  July is all about summer metallics! It was so much fun styling these pieces!  (If you haven’t heard about Socialbliss yet, or are new to reading the blog check out this post from last month to get up to speed :).  Briefly, the style box is a monthly subscription box full of the hippest, hottest trends!  I look forward to them each month!


The pieces from the July Summer Metalltics Style Box are:

  1. The beautiful gold clutch you see above by Melie Bianco is amazing and one of my favorite pieces in the box.  I actually was looking for a gold bag and this one even comes with a pretty gold chain to make it a shoulder bag!  It is a great size too.
  2. I love the gold bead earrings too.  They are my style.  I love simple, elegant jewelry and I know I will be wearing these very often.  They are perfect for dress up or down.
  3. The gold body chain is really a hot trend right now.  It can go over loose or tight fitting clothes and they look amazing with a tight dress.  I know that I will be wearing it with my bikini on my upcoming beach vacation.
  4. The single flare lashes are so pretty.  Now I just have to overcome my fear of putting fake lashes on…I will learn though!  I have never worn false lashes unless a make-up artist has done them for me so no time like the present to try! :-)
  5. And in honor of Oscar de la Renta’s birthday month the Oscar de la Renta Espirit rollerball was a great surprise scent.  It went straight into my purse because it is awesome to have on the go!  I love the scent full of Sicilian lemons and orange plus many other beautiful notes.  It is such a clean summer scent.  I really love it!


Also, let me mention that I love these pants.  They are so comfy, yet you can really dress them up.  If you are looking for a more economical version try these first.  I noticed that they had some great solid colored ones too that I will probably snag here!


I love being an Insider with Socialbliss!  If you love fashion, style and beauty I highly suggest you sign up!  The subscription is only $39.95 per month (this month’s was over $170 worth of products) and you will receive products valued over $100.   If you have any questions about it, let me know!  And like I always say—If it wasn’t worth it, I would tell you!  Check out the promo code above for a savings on your first try.


Hope everyone is having a great start to the week!











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Share With Style!



Hi Fashionistas!  We have been running around a lot this summer so far and if you follow me on Instagram you see where we have been and life behind the blog!  If you don’t already follow me you can @Bellaperfectionista!


I recently went to the Hershey Spa with my mom and sister!  It is one of my favorite, favorite spas, so if you are ever in the area to visit the amusement park and check out the chocolate— you need to visit.  We set up a few appointments and went in the early morning, put our robes on,  and then stayed all day.  I got a Vitamin Infusion Facial as one of my services and it was amazing!  We have decided that this will turn into a annual girls day out!  Everything about Hershey is so well maintained.  I mean this is just a breathtaking image above.


photo 4 640


Who doesn’t love fireworks?  We went to Phillies firework game and saw an amazing show after the game.  I love that I caught this one all red, white and blue!


photo 3


This is a picture of the Kutztown Folk Festival.  It is a few hours away from us but it is also where I got my first degree.  I spent four years of my life doing my undergraduate work there and honestly haven’t been back in a while.  My sis-in-law suggested we go with them and I am glad we did because we had so much fun.  It is like no festival that we have near us and definitely not in my more urban upbringing.  I forgot how rural the area is!  I definitely loved soaking in the Pennsylvania Dutch culture and I had the best sticky buns ever come fresh out of the oven and to our wanting little hands.   It is an old-time festival complete with food, hay bales and bow and arrow games.  Great change from the norm.


photo 5


Good old South Philly!  This is Santucci’s Pizza.  If you are in the area it is an awesome stop for pizza.  I’m getting hungry writing about it now!


photo 2


Atlantic City!  We went there to unwind for a few days and got in a few nice beach days and had an all over good time.  They had a sand building contest right before we got there so we got to see amazing sand sculptures from artists around the world.  So neat to see!


photo 1

I am lucky to be a style insider with Socialbliss.  Here I am styling a ring that they sent me in the June fashion box.  They always send great pieces and I have fun styling them!  New subscriptions can get $10 OFF any plan with code: NSBEFREE10.  Honestly if you like to know what is up-to-date in beauty and fashion—It is the go-to.  This month they have this promo code to get $10.  No better time to try something then when you have a coupon!


I hope everyone is having a great summer!  Look for some more fashion and beauty posts coming your way next week.  Until then, hope everyone enjoys their weekend!  I don’t forget to follow me on Instagram!








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Share With Style!

full shoot 1

face 2

arm up 3

half image 4

hip 5

rose 6

lip and nail


The Look: TOP, White House Black Market :: JEANS, Old Navy :: WRAP, Fate Inc. (Socialbliss) :: NECKLACE, Stella & Dot :: RING, Peruvian Warrior Ring, similar here, (Socialbliss) :: GLADIATORS, Nordstrom


Hi everyone!  I am so happy to be back!  We were on short vacation last week (in Atlantic City) and I needed the time away to recharge so I stayed away from the computer!  Today I am styling some really amazing pieces that I got in my June #thestylebox by Socialbliss.  The theme this month was Boho Chic!  I have to say that don’t do alot of boho chic but like I always say I want to push my fashion boundaries and try new styles —so here goes.  (If you haven’t heard about Sociallbliss yet, or are new to reading the blog check out this post from last month to get up to speed :).  Briefly, The Style Box is a monthly subscription box full of the hippest, hottest trends!


So lets just get right to the box!  The wrap I am wearing above is the Fated Bliss Kimono Wrap.  It is very versatile and can be worn three ways (a wrap, a scarf or a vest).   I personally love it for the beach.  I wear it over my bikini and it is a great coverup!


The Retro-Specs Sunglasses that I am wearing were also in the box!  They are great, classic black frames that can be worn with so much!  A great pair to have in your arsenal of sunnies.


The ring that you see is a Peruvian Warrior Ring.  It was hand crafted in Peru…this works great with tribal prints and gladiators…Notice I have my gladiators on!


The remaining two products were Magnetic Charm by Essie and Ulta’s Pretty in Pink Pout lipgloss.  I haven’t got around to trying the polish yet since I have been away but it looks like so much fun!  There is a magnet on the top of the lid that you hold over the just polished nail to get a snakeskin effect.  The lipgloss is great to just slip on over whatever pink lipstick you have on but it is great by itself for a more natural shiny lip.


I love being an Insider with Socialbliss!  If you love fashion, style and beauty I highly suggest you sign up!  The subscription is only $39.95 per month and you will receive products valued over $100.   If you have any questions about it, let me know!  And like I always say—If it wasn’t worth it, I would tell you!


Hope everyone is having a happy Monday!  Talk to you soon!






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collage 1 640



collage 2 640




The fourth of July is so close!  It is a fun time to dress patriotically!  The fourth reminds me of the beach, boards, fireworks, BBQs, watermelon and bathing suits.  It is always a fun time with family and friends.  I love summer so the fourth is one of my favorite holidays because is so laid back.  As a kid, I remember my parents letting us run wildly through our family BBQs in the sprinklers, eating, then playing and then eating again.  The fourth will always have a special place in my heart as the epitome of the perfect summer day.  I curated a cute little batch of clothing up top to get you fourth ready—whether you are at home in the backyard, hanging out on the boards or sitting by the beach waiting for your firework display…these are so versatile and there are so many ways to mix and match.  I love taking a dress and literally dressing it down.


I know that I have been completely off schedule this week!  We have been busy and honestly some days I just want to kick back with the littles and enjoy the summer with them.  This week and and next I will be sporadic but I hope to pick it up and get on a more “normal” schedule after that.  Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!


Happy Thursday!







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It finally is SUMMER!  I am so excited to have some down-time with my littles and not be on a strict schedule.  With summer, though, comes the heat and here in Philly the humidity has been through the roof!  I love the casualness of the warm weather but not the stickiness of the humidity that kills my hair and what little make-up I feel like putting on.


Above are a few of the products I have been using to beat the heat and be safe in the sun.  They have helped me a ton so I hope that they may become a new favorite for you too!


1. Water:  It seems so obvious, but staying hydrated is important when it is so hot out.  There a million reasons to drink water other than staying cool.  It has so many health benefits —so do it!  :-)  I know that drinking water all the time can be boring but you can get water bottles that have little infusers in them like the one above where you can put lemons, cucumbers, berries—whatever you like—-to favor the water.




2.  TRESemme Keratin line:  I am not one to use products that aren’t organic, usually—but I couldn’t take the frizz anymore!!  Seriously, the frizz I was having brought me to my knees!  I didn’t have the time and I didn’t feel like spending the money to get my curly hair tamed with a salon Keratin treatment so I knew this was my next option.  It actually worked very well and I will be using it throughout the summer to help me get a smoother look.  I use the 7 Day Keratin Smooth shampoo, conditioner, heat activated treatment and serum.  You can’t beat a quick trip to the drug store to get smoother hair without scheduling an appointment.  I’ll take it and I’ll also take less frizz!


Kiss my Face


3.  Kiss My Face Sun care: My daughter and I have sensitive skin and Kiss my Face, Face Factor and Sun Spray Lotion work great for us!  We won’t even talk about my Hubby and my son that go outside for a mere second and tan.  I like Kiss My Face because it doesn’t have parabens or oxybenzone and it is fragrance free.  If my very sensitive skin can handle it, I would guess that most skin could too!


Beach and Elf


4. Hair and Makeup:  My hair fries fast and it always turns really red which personally drives me up the wall.  I have been using Bamboo Beach Summer Sunshine Spray and it saves my locks from all the damaging rays and works at keeping my hair color the right hue.  Added bonus – it is a weightless spray that also controls frizz (with UV filters that protect hair color).  Also, I am LOVING this Elf Make-up Mist and Set.  It was an impulse buy and the best one that I have had yet!  For $3 it is a steal!  It has aloe, green tea, cucumber and vitamins A, C, & E as ingredients and it works at holding make-up in place while moisturizing.  I love that!


Now, of course, since I have found all of these great products the weather here is getting cooler for a few days, but I know hot days are on the horizon and I am glad I found these to have in my arsenal!   I will be putting them to use as my little princess has her ballet recital this weekend, which I am sure will melt my heart.  Hope everyone has a beautiful weekend.  Stop back next week!







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Share With Style!

stand 1


stand 3


stand 5

stand 6


The Look: DRESS, Old Navy :: SHOES, Boden :: BAG, ASOS :: SUNGLASSES, Ann Taylor


This weekend we took a trip to Winterthur to check out their enchanted summer day.  Their grounds are amazing and if you are ever in Delaware you need to check out the mansion and the surrounding beautiful land!  They had treats and crafts for the kids and we had a great, little picnic.  This dress was light and airy, yet in looking at these pictures I think it needs to be cinched.  We left the house in a hurry and I forgot to put on the brown belt that I think would make it more flattering and define its lines.  This dress isn’t a normal style for me, but I always want to push my boundaries with fashion a little.  For the price you can’t beat it and both the dress and the shoes are on sale now!


Hope everyone is having a great week.  My week is pretty crazy so I will most likely be a little off schedule…but check back!  Thanks for reading!






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