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My Look Details :: Sunglasses, Ann Taylor :: Sweater, J. Crew Factory (on sale!) :: Jeans, J. Crew (similar here) :: Boots, Vince Camuto via Macy’s :: Necklace, Space via Socialbliss :: Bag, Nordstrom (similar here)


I have been doing my best to get posts up as soon as I can, but my communication business has been very busy and, well, being a mom and wife have also been high up on the list, so this can sometimes fall to the back burner :-).  There are only so many hours in the day and I would love to have more of them, so if you know a way to do that—please, pretty please fill me in!  I know that I am not alone, us moms juggle so many things at once and sometimes it is difficult to find the balance, so I have to let a few balls drop for sanity’s sake!  But in any case, this is a the look post that I have been promising!


This past weekend, we went to New Hope.  It isn’t close to where we live but we always take the ride a few times a year.  This weekend it was to check out the scarecrows that they had all around the shops near and around Peddlers Village.  They do this every year and we love to check out all the neat and creative scarecrows along the walkways.  My littles love it and it is just a perfect fall day outing.


And before I forget, I also want to mention this necklace that I have been loving (above in the post) is from Socialbliss‘ #thestylebox!  I got a great box that I haven’t been able to properly review yet—but this necklace and an adorable midi ring (that I am wearing you just can’t see) as well as, an awesome clutch and mascara came in my September box.  I hope to review them all soon!


This is a casual look for a comfy day out with lots of walking. Hope you find some inspiration here for some other fall comfy looks.  Hope your fall has been awesome so far!  Have a great week!






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Notebook :: Less Home Print ::  Vases :: Jar :: Fern Prints :: Napkins


I am really not blue, but I love the color blue in all shades for home decor.  I love to have a fairly neutral room and then have pops of color throughout.  I have been itching to do some interior decorating and this is my way to keep it at bay—at least for a while!  I usually make my own pillows and napkins, if I can find the fabric that I am looking for, but I haven’t attempted to make a tablecloth yet, which is on my list of to-dos.  Right now, I am also loving grays too.  I am dreaming of soon being able to add a tab for home decorating here on the blog.  What colors do you love when decorating your home?  I love to use Pinterest to get my inspiration and then I run with it from there…but until then I will dream of all the amazing rooms that I could create.  My Hubby thought I was crazy the other night as I sat on the couch tagging colors on a Sherwin Williams color wheel that I have—this is actual fun for me, sad I know.  I have not stepped into Home Goods in awhile because we need to get settled and know where we will be in the next few years, so it could turn into a disaster since I very rarely get in and out without wanting a whole lot!  —I need to be good.  But you can bet that some of these pieces or very close to them will show up somewhere in the new decor—whenever the time is here.


Hope everyone is having a great week.  Stop back!  New look coming soon!




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Hanging on the red carpet at the Main Line Fashion Week’s Runway Show #MLFW

MLFS 4 (2)

Nich Boutique

MLFS 5 (2)

Nich Boutique

MLFS 7 (2)


MLFS 8 (2)


MLFS 9 (2)

Revivals Boutique

MLFS 10 (2)

Posh Collections

MLFS 11 (2)

Cheyenne Palma, host and president of Femfessionals. In back of her is the K. Nicole line.

MLFS 12 (2)

Boutique owners



My Look Details :: Top, Black House, White Market :: Jeans, Express (similar here) :: Bracelet, Stella & Dot :: Necklace, J. Crew (similar here):: Shoes, Guess


I had a great time at the Main Line Fashion Week (#MLFW) Runway Show!  Tons of Main Line fashionistas showed up to witness some of the coolest (or maybe warmest) trends of the season.  This was the 2nd annual show and I was lucky enough to be at the 1st annual as well, you can check that out here!  This year it was at Immaculata University in Malvern.  This event is so special because it brings together boutique retailers who showcase their collections in their “Philadelphia’s western suburbs style” (yeah, I made that one up but it is true!) This year the Main Line Boutiques featured in the runway show were Nich, Orgotton, Revivals, Obvi, Posh and K. Nicole.  I love, love the cape pictured above and that cobalt blue is just beautiful!


I loved watching as each new look came out and down the runway.  It is so inspiring!  I am normally one of those geeks sitting there with my camera and notebook in hand jotting down ideas and what I love so that I don’t forget.  Obviously, it was no different this year!  I tried to get good shots of each collection as I sat there in my glory watching all the fashion float by.  My favorite collection was Orgotton.  I loved their simple, classy pieces that came out, but don’t get me wrong they were all amazing!


I love shopping at boutiques as much as I can.  My reasons are:


1.  You can find clothes that are unique.  When I buy at a boutique, I know that I am not going to see those pieces on everyone like I would buying from a big retailer.  In other words, there is more diversity and you can express your individuality even better!  You can be a trendsetter!


2.  Shopping locally puts your dough right back into the local economy. (And it helps local designers too!)


3.  Service!  When I shop in boutiques and have questions, I always find great service.


If you love fashion, like the Main Line Fashion Week’s Facebook page so you are on top of  information for next year’s events!  This year they had an industry panel, the runway show and then a marketplace to “shop the looks” the Friday after the show.  I was so bummed I couldn’t make it to the marketplace!  I volunteered at an event that was happening at the same time, and I haven’t figured out that whole clone thing yet—but you can bet I will be there next year.  I know for sure I will be stopping in my local boutiques soon to pick up some great, modern pieces for my winter wardrobe.  Also, a shout out to my good friend, Lisa, who came out and made the night even more fun!


Make it a great Monday!




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tatiana-lumiere-donna-sept-14-18 2



These are a few images from a photo session that I had with Tatiana Lumiere Photography. If you missed my past post about one of my other photo shoots with Tatiana check here.  This post will really give you a day and a life of her photo sessions and what to expect.  That said, I really love artistic shots.  I love candid images that are not necessarily stand, look and smile.  I want the images to portray and evade feelings, each one different from the last.  Tatiana does that and that is what I love about her work!


Being in the fashion industry, I need photos that can really speak to different atmospheres and environments and as you can see with the first three images—bingo!  —And you didn’t think for one minute that I wasn’t going to play a little Downton Abbey!?  If you have been reading the blog for awhile you know it is my favorite show, hence the third image!


I feel like pictures should transcend time and space and when you look at an image it should give you exactly that—a story inside an image.  Check out Tatiana’s website and Facebook page to see her works of fine art photography!  If you are looking for a piece that is more conceptual and not your average picture, she is your photographer!


I am happy to answer any questions that anyone has about the sessions I have had with Tatiana.  If you are are interested in a session make sure to mention Bella Perfectionista when you book!


Make it a great week!


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look 3 watermarked

look 4 watermarked

look 2 watermarked

2 w wm


Look Details ::  Dress, New York and Company’s Eva Mendes Line (Not available now but I love this one) :: Heels, J. Crew (Not available now but these are similar and for an awesome price) :: Necklace, Downton Abbey Collection :: Clutch, Old (similar here)


This past Saturday was my Hubby and I’s 11th wedding anniversary!  Since it was on a Saturday we took full advantage and we went to one of our favorite farm fresh to table restaurants (my favorite kind of place)!  This dress was something that I saw from the Eva Mendes line at New York and Company.  I immediately knew that I had to have it.  I just loved the cut and it was such a great classic style.  Well, I couldn’t find it in my size so I bought the next size up and brought it to my seamstress.  She did an amazing job of pulling it in and did a little hem for me and wa-la I had the dress I was dreaming of!  I am a huge fan of tailored clothing but I don’t believe that you have to spend a lot to have a beautiful dress.  This dress was actually on sale and the tailoring didn’t cost much so in the end it was really worth it.  Plus, when does a LBD ever go out of style.  It is perfect to really dress up too with an art deco piece of jewelry for a wedding!


Over the next few weeks you will be seeing some changes to the blog (one of the reasons that I haven’t been posting as much)—I have been working behind the scenes!  So please stick with me as everything will be consistent soon!  I hope everyone is having an amazing week!  Stop back again!


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collage 640

Blazer ::  V-Neck Sweater :: Waffle Sweater :: Jeans :: Earrings :: Hat :: Striped Sweater


Now that this week’s forecast seems to be way less humid here in the northeast, I think I can finally say that I am ready for fall and all it brings.  Actually, I have no choice, really, since the school year has started and all my littles’ activities start this week!  But, I have to say that I love the cooler weather and am actually starting to look forward to some sweaters and boots.  Of course, I am also looking forward to warm apple cider and pumpkin everything too.  Just saying…


As you can see, I am really digging a neutral palette.  I am really drawn to grays this season.  Above are a few of the pieces that I have added to my closet.  At first I was having some trouble finding pieces that I wanted to add but I am thinking that was sort of a shopper’s block (sort of like a writer’s block).  My Husband could have told you that it wouldn’t last long!  Have a great week.  I may be hit or miss this week but I will come around to a regular schedule soon!


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THE LOOK :: DRESSJ. Crew :: BAG, Totes Galore (Socialbliss) :: HEADBAND, Anthropologie ::  3-DISC NECKLACE, Gorjana :: TURQUOISE NECKLACE, Influence (Socialbliss) :: SUNGLASSES, Ann Taylor :: BRACELET, (via Socialbliss) :: SANDALS, Boden (not online anymore but how cute are these and on sale!)


Just a short little post today to show you a piece of my Labor Day weekend style.  I am finally starting to accept that summer is over with even my little preschooler starting back-to-school next week.  :-(  So sad to see the summer go!  It was way to short this year!  I’m trying to get used to my new fall schedule and, well, it is hectic—so please bear with me as I get used to everything!  Today’s post is also about my August Socialbliss #thestylebox!!!  Above you see the pieces I have styled from this month’s box (bag, necklace and bracelet)!  It was a great box and I’ll give you the rundown below of what was inside.  :-)


The end of summer box included:


1. This beautiful pink tote that I have in the images has become a fast favorite.  It is by Totes Galore and I really love the laser-cut design.  It is soft and big and it fits all my stuff and then the littles’ stuff too!


2. The turquoise necklace I am wearing is also from the stylebox and it has this perfect acorn shape.  It is so pretty and here I am layering it with another dainty necklace but I will also be wearing it alone for a simple, classic look.  I love dainty necklaces so this is right up my alley.


3.  The double cuff bracelet that I am wearing is a great everyday piece!  I wish I had it for my goddess look I did the other week!  It would have been a perfect accessory!


4.  The wiser visor is the coolest hat!  It is a papillon visor with an extra-wide brim that you place around your forehead and velco in the back.  Great for hot weather and for NOT having hat hair!


5. Lastly, there was metallic tattoos by the Pi Collection.  They were super cute, but my daughter saw them and that was it…She took them and I have no idea where she hid them.  She obviously wanted them for herself!


I love being an Insider with Socialbliss!  If you love fashion, style and beauty I highly suggest you sign up!  The subscription is only $39.95 per month (this month’s was over $170 worth of products) and you will receive products valued over $100.   If you have any questions about it, let me know!  And like I always say—If it wasn’t worth it, I would tell you!


Sorry so short today!  I will be posting about the fall pieces that I purchased over the Labor Day weekend.  Wasn’t there some good sales!?  Let me know which ones you liked best and what fun pieces you found this holiday!


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Share With Style!







THE LOOK:: DRESS, Victoria’s Secret (not online anymore, but I love this one) :: SANDALS, Nordstrom :: SUNGLASSES, Ann Taylor


Every year my Hubby’s workplace has a company wide picnic for their employees.  They pick different places to go every year and this year it was the Battleship New Jersey.  So we were on the Camden Waterfront across the Delaware River from Penn’s Landing.  We could not have asked for a better day.  It was a beautiful sunny, cool day!  It was a history-filled day as we got a great tour of the vessel both as a museum and a memorial.  These ships were huge…amazing to see in person that these “cities on water” had so many men on them all with very specific jobs.  Scary to think of the war that they were encountering while aboard.  It makes me even more thankful to those who serve our country to protect freedom.


The last picture, above, I found fascinating.  I think it was called “the hall of mirrors.”  It definitely does not have any mirrors, but that is actually the hallway of this huge ship going on and on!


This is a dress that I picked up the beginning of the summer.  I love the racer-back top portion and the floral design on bottom.  The sandals were one on my favorite pair this summer!


Thanks for reading on this wonderful Tuesday!  Make it a great week!




















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