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Image from www.dopdopdesigns.com

Image from www.dopdopdesigns.com


Image from www.dopdopdesigns.com

Image from www.dopdopdesigns.com


Hello fashionistas!  Today I bring you a business (dop dop Designs) that I truly love and a closer look at the woman behind THE DESIGNS.  I met Jamie last summer while our littles were taking a swim lessons together.  I immediately could sense she had great style.  As we saw each other every day for a few weeks, it popped up that she was owner and designer at her own company dop dop Designs.  I was hooked, not only because I could sense she was great at what she did, but also because I was a beginner sewer. It was a huge interest to me to see someone put their talent, in an area I was so interested in, to good use.  I checked her site out online and, of course, was in awe and love (maybe I never even exactly told her that—but now she knows)  ;-)  AND EVEN BETTER—she has decided to do a giveaway with a few of her amazing creations.  Go ahead and read my interview, get to know her, then go ahead and give her some love at her company’s social media sites Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @dopdopdesigns.  Description of the giveaway below.  Enjoy and don’t miss out!  Think Mother’s Day gifts—her products are the perfect, special present!


Bella Perfectionista: Let’s get to know you a little, tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from? What are your general professional and non-professional interests?


Jamie (dop dop Designs): A little about me: I grew up in Toms River, NJ and moved to the Philadelphia area to attend school at Chestnut Hill College.  It was there that I studied not art or fashion, but Sociology.  My grandmother and mother had taught me how to sew as a child, but it was in college that I started dabbling with creating clothing from fabrics or cloth items that were handed down to me from family members, i.e. making pants from cloth napkins or purses from left over fabric scraps given to me by my grandmother.  After college, I went on to earn a Masters Degree in Social Work and became a social worker for 13 years.  It wasn’t until my two children came into my life that I realized that I needed to follow my heart and do what I love. It was then that I jumped into the world of creating!  So, you see, you don’t need a degree in fashion or art to create beauty.  You only need to have vision and believe in yourself.  Now I live in Chester Springs, PA with my husband, Chris and our two boys, Tanner (7) and Kiefer (5).


Bella Perfectionista: Where do you get your inspiration to create your pieces?


Jamie (dop dop Designs): I gain inspiration from my own life …things that I may need for my home or daily living, colors that I see in nature and oddly enough —from random children’s cartoons. Strange…I know!  Many of my designs are based on making something that everyone has but styling it or making it better.  My inspiration for kitchen and table accessories came from a purchase I made from a high-end trendsetting retailer after we bought our first home.  So excited about my new napkins and placemats, we used them the first day, spilled my soup and ended up washing the set all within a 24 hour period.  Pulled my items out of the dryer and found that my lovely placemats where now the size of small napkins.  Everyone deserves everyday quality and that’s the motto from where I gain my inspiration.


Bella Perfectionista: What is your favorite aspect of what you do?


Jamie (dop dop Designs): When thinking of my favorite aspect of what I do…it’s hard to narrow it to just one.  First and foremost, my all time favorite thing to do is choosing color combinations.  Color is the root of so many emotions. A simple color can make you feel calm, relaxed, energized, elegant…the list goes on.  Another aspect that goes hand in hand with color is fabric choices.  I tend to choose vintage inspired fabrics, meaning contemporary designs that draw from vintage styles.  When you combine the right color combination with a vintage inspired print, you evoke memories and feelings.  I love hearing customers talk about what they are feeling, memories and stories when they visit my shows.  It’s such a treat to hear and be a part of it!


Bella Perfectionista: What are your favorite colors and fabrics that you work with?


Jamie (dop dop Designs): My favorite fabric is easy:  100% Cotton!  Manageable, washable, and easy care.  You will never find oil cloth or laminated fabrics with a dop dop designs label.  Anything that may come with a warning due to the chemical used in the coating process is not OK in my book.


Favorite Colors:  So hard to narrow, but upon self reflection this past year, I’ve come to see that I do tend to favor greens and blues.  I suppose it’s the relaxing or soothing effects they may have.  BUT, I have to say there is not a color I don’t like.  I am always willing to take a risk on something new.  P.S. It’s always good to self-evaluate from time to time so that you can foresee a rut and move in a different direction.


Bella Perfectionista: When did you realize that having a handcraft boutique was a dream you wanted to fulfill?  How did it come about?


Jamie (dop dop Designs): I realized that having a handmade boutique was a dream I needed to fulfill when my father passed away in 2010 after fighting lung cancer for just 6 months.  It was then that I realized that life is just too short and there’s no better day to live your dream than today.  I can’t say that everyday is a dream come true.  Like any job, there are disappointments, set backs, struggles, but when it’s of your own making, it makes it all worth while.


Bella Perfectionista:  Let everyone out there know where to find your great designs!


Jamie (dop dop Designs): You can find dop dop Designs online at www.dopdopdesigns.com and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @dopdopdesigns.  Also at upscale craft markets such as Clover Market in Ardmore, PA, and Country Living Fair this June in Rhinebeck, NY, and McConkey’s Market June 21st in Washington Crossing, PA.  All shows are listed on the website under Events Calendar.


THE GIVEAWAY: Jamie is giving away The Alex women’s full apron in Kitchenette and also a matching deluxe pot holders in Kitchenette.  Go check out her site and social pages listed above!  Her products’ beauty and quality are bar none.

Description of The Alex Apron: This is a one size fits most apron that has extra-long ties that accommodates a size small by tying in the front and a Large by simply tying in the back.  A contoured V-neck is flattering on any figure.  100% cotton is machine washable and dryable.
Description of the potholders: Approximately 10″x10″. Potholders have 3 layers of insulation with a thermal core that is heat reflective to 475 degrees.  These lovelies can also double as a trivet on your table.  100% organic cotton batting and 100% cotton exterior fabric.  Machine washable gentle and hang to dry.


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Share With Style!

Share With Style!

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The Look : DRESS, Boden :: CARDIGAN, New York & Company :: HEELS, J. Crew (similar here):: SUNGLASSES, Ann Taylor


Hope everyone who celebrates Easter had a great day!  We had a great day here!  But I have to say—I am now behind—blog included :-)!


I opted for color this Easter.  I love this dress!  I was hoping to not have to wear the cardi, but I was too chilly!  I know warmer days are on the way and it was a beautiful sunny day (and unless it is 70 or warmer, I am usually cold!).  So a day late to you all, but hopefully worth it.  Hope everyone has a fabulous week!  Thanks for reading!



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Share With Style!

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Body Serum :: Blush :: Mascara :: Eyeshadow


Above are a few beauty products that I have been swooning over this April.  I bought the body serum (which you use in place of moisturizer when you get out of the shower) from Zulily to try it out—well, I feel in love with it and just ordered a new batch.  It smells wonderful and I am looking forward to trying a few more of their products out.


I have been using this blush for about a month and a half now and I love it.  The pressed flower stays true even after you use it day after day.  The ginger and peach colors are my favorites.  It is a great build-able color so you can use a little on a day when you are very casual and put a little more on if you are having a night out on the town.


The bottom lash mascara is great, but I have a confession, I use it for my brows in the black/brown color.  It is the perfect size and color for brows.  It is great for a precision mascara too.


This eyeshadow was in high demand for sure!  I had to look around for awhile before it was actually in stock online or in a store.  It has great shades and endless mix and matches.  If you have one of the naked palettes you really don’t need anything else! Hope you like my picks.  Have a fabulous weekend and if you also celebrate Easter—Happy Easter!



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Share With Style!

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T-shirt :: Sunglasses :: Rings :: Book :: Phone Case :: Sandals :: Clutch :: Jeans


Shopbop is having their 25% off Friends and Family Sale (Code: INTHEFAMILY14) and above are some of my picks.  Lots of rain here on the east coast so I my favorites gravitated toward beachy picks.  I can’t wait to get on a beach this summer!  Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!  Thanks for stopping by!



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Share With Style!

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The Look :: DRESS, Cotton On (similar here):: NECKLACE, Forever 21 :: SUNGLASSES, Forever 21  :: BAG, Sole Society (on sale!) ::WEDGES, J. Crew


It’s Monday!  This week I have my littles with me since they are on spring break and I have some fun stuff planned for us!  This was a look that I wore Saturday night out with the girls.  We all were celebrating a sweet friend’s birthday and it was so much fun!  I was going for a simple, classic look.  I have a funny story about the sunnies.  For weeks upon weeks, I was in love with a pair of Valentino sunglasses.  In love!  I wanted them so much…I must have looked at them online everyday.  One day I bit the bullet and ordered them.  I was so excited.  They came about a week later and I put them on and, EW!  They were gorgeous but looked horrible on me.  I looked like a fly.  Very thankfully because they were bought at Nordstrom, I sent them back, then ordered a less expensive pair of Toms sunnies for my shaped face.  The Toms came, I put them on—double EW!  Again great shades but looked horrible on me…so repeat…send back to Nordy’s.  Then I happened to be at the mall shopping for a gift and I casually checked out Forever 21 since I was walking by.  I picked up a pair of sunglasses in the front display, tried them on and they were IT!  They looked great and in a style that was comparable to what I wanted.  I love Valentino and I love Toms, but it goes to show you that you don’t have to buy designer to look good!  You can have all the style with less of a dent in your wallet!  Hope everyone has a great week!  Thanks for starting it off by stopping here!


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Bag :: Tank :: Cardigan :: Dress :: Bracelets :: Earrings :: Shorts :: Sandals


I have always loved the nautical look.  It is such a classic—dress it up or dress it down; it is a winner.  Navy is also one of my favorite colors to buy because it is so versatile.  I’m dreaming of the beach as I look at these pieces.  Soon enough!  I am also in love with Boden.  If you haven’t checked them out, you need to.  They have such quality and classic pieces.  The shorts that are above have such a great fit and are so flattering.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!  I just want to sail away with these clothes!  Stop back next week!


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Share With Style!

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Have you heard about Stitchfix?  I heard about it a while back and it was something that was on my to-do list to try.  It is basically like a fashion subscription box, but slightly different.  You sign up and fill out a form all about you and your style and likes, (you can even factor in your price points) and then a stylist reviews and sends you a box with 5 pieces of clothing or accessories to try out.  From that point you get 3 days to decide what you are going to keep.  When you make your decision you put the items you don’t want into the pre-paid postal bag and slip it in the mailbox to return and the things you decide that you do want, you keep and pay for via online.  I was skeptical at first, but it actually is really that easy.  I loved my first fix and I cannot wait for the next one this month to arrive!


Being a fashion blogger means that I want to showcase new and exciting styles,  the reason I marked this on my do-to list was because I thought it would be enlightening.  Are you thinking enlightening how?  Well, I thought it would introduce me to fashion ideas that I haven’t had before or wouldn’t have picked out myself.  I saw it as a style-growing opportunity.  Even the most stylish of style can fall into fashion ruts, I saw this as a way to expand my style experience.


Each box comes with style index cards for you to keep and it shows the pieces in outfits to take you from day to night.  I highly suggest trying this if you are a fashionista!  It is thrilling!  However I also recommend trying if you are not a fashionista.  The outfit inspired cards are a huge help and they will help you with style— plus if you aren’t that big on shopping (I wish I wasn’t) then the shopping is done for you and you have the choice in your home to accept or decline—check out the pieces and how they fit in with your closet!  I chose two pieces to keep you can see the black skinny jeans here and the yellow/multicolor scarf here. (The scarf I am in love with, I wear it all the time!)


I had to bring this service to you all because I think it is ingenious!  Happy shopping and if you try Stitchfix, please let me know what you think in a comment here below or on my facebook page!  I would love to, also, hear if you have used it and what you think.  Have a very happy Wednesday all!



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Share With Style!







The Look :: SHIRT, J. Crew (fall collection, here is a great tee for spring/summer and on sale!):: JEANS, J. Crew :: Shoes, Toms  :: SCARFStitchfix :: BAG, Nordstrom :: SUNGLASSES, Ann Taylor


Ah, a casual weekend.  The days the good stuff is made of.  This weekend was bright and sunny, if not really warm, warm enough—I will take it!  With that said, I went with some color.  Bright blue is the main point but the lovely scarf pulls in some pink, blue and a little violet.  This is my very favorite scarf right now!  I matched with a bright yellow bag and my Tom ballet flats.  If you can’t tell from the pictures, they are a burlap-y material with pink toes and heels.  This is the perfect outfit to stroll around outside on a pretty day or spend time at the park in.  We had a great relaxed weekend and I am ready to tackle the week.  Hope everyone had a great weekend and you are ready to have a great Monday too.  Thanks for stopping!


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