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Image from Allure Medispa.

Image from Allure Medispa.


As promised— I said that I would keep everyone up-to-date on my dry skin that evolved into a plan as I was doing my research!   I finally had my first appointment with my new esthetician and it was great!  If you didn’t see my first post about my plan, you can check it out here to get all up-to-date.


I wish that I had remembered to take pictures but in all honesty there has not been that big of a change yet so the before and afters may just look the same!  I got an oxydermy facial.  Basically it is a microdermabrasion and oxygen together.  It is supposed to moisturize the skin, fight fine lines and give a radiant glow to the skin.  It was very relaxing.  My skin felt really soft afterward, but I am still struggling with my dry skin–it was not a miracle cure (nor did I think it would be) but it was great for exfoliating my skin.


Next step:  I am getting on a schedule with my new esthetician so that she can really get to know my skin and help get it as healthy as it can be while combating the pesky dry skin that I have!  Next, I will go in for a glycolic peel.  I’m super scared because I have sensitive skin but she knows that as well, so in June we will see how it goes!  She also has me trying out a few products so I will give an update on them as soon as I use them for a little to see if I like them!  So far so good though on the products and when I post about them I will share a cool, little skincare tool that I got off Amazon that is helping with the products even more!


I am happy that I have a plan and I will continue to give little updates as I make my way through.  I feel like women as we age our skin texture changes and I am on top of mine and really took notice (maybe too much with my type A personality).  I know as a mom, I don’t have a ton of time but I am making it a priority for myself!  I am getting there and I hope these posts inspire you in ways you can help your own skin.  Number 1 skincare rule I do everyday—put my sun screen on!




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Share With Style!
Outside #MLFW Bella Perfectionista Blog

Walking up to the Entrance at #MLFW 2015


Barn #MLFW Bella Perfectionista Blog

The entrance at Grace Winery at Sweetwater Farm!


Friends at MLFW Bella Perfectionista Blog

Me and two of my beautiful friends. Seriously they are beautiful people inside and out.


Car at MLFW Bella Perfectionista Blog

Posing with this beauty outside of the show brought there by RDS Automotive Group.



The Look :: Jumpsuit, White House, Black Market :: Heels, Sole Society :: Necklace, Sole Society


Last night I attended the 3rd annual Main Line Fashion Week Runway Show and, as always, it is was so much fashion fun.  I apologize that my images are not the best quality.  I normally don’t like to bring my big camera with me to events because it is so cumbersome —but I just might next time as I felt like the lighting was working against me last night!  With that said make sure to pop on over to the Facebook page for #MLFW and check out some of the major fashion going on right here in the Main Line (and like them too!). Click here for all the participants this year.


There was so many beautiful pieces this year.  Flowing dresses, cropped shirts and even some adorable active wear (Piccolo AMORE) and a new line for little girls (Pretty Pretty Rebel)!   So many of the pieces really spoke vacation to me, but that could be because spring took forever to come to the east coast this year.


For those of you who read me regularly you know why I love shopping at local boutiques and if you don’t check out this post that explains why. As if putting your money back into your local economy isn’t enough, another great reason to attend is because a portion of the proceeds go to Wings for Success —so you are also supporting a simply wonderful cause, empowering women in your very own community.


My week has been spent in the better part of renovation at my house, so a shout out to my beautiful friends above who know what friendship is about and know how to make sure a girl has a good time, even through stress—they are a true blessing and such keepers.  Also, don’t forget—The Pop-Up Shops are on Friday, April 17th so get out there and support your local, very fashionable community.  I know that I will be checking out these local boutiques to find some unique, modern pieces for my spring and summer closet collection and you should too ;-)


Have a great week my fashion-forward friends!



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Share With Style!

The Dry Skin Challenge  1 Bella Perfectionista Blog


If you follow me on Facebook (and if not like me!) you know that this winter I was really struggling with dry skin.  So, I set a plan in action.  How you say?  I thought about it and realized that I could buy tons of products to see what would help best OR I could go around to the local spas in my area and get consultations from professionals—after all it is what they do.  Almost all spas/medi-spas have free consultations.


So I set to work on my computer and looked up a bunch of local spas in my area.  I jotted them down read about them and then narrowed my search down to my top five.  From there I pulled out my Erin Condren planner and started to call them and book skin consultations. So over the course of a month or so I visited them.


My plan: to go in and talk with each esthetician during my skin consultation and see what they had to say— for me,  it was kind of an interview process.


What I was looking for:  I was looking for an esthetician I connected with and I could keep going back too.  One whose approach I liked and didn’t try to sell me on only the expensive stuff. My theory is that after you go a few times to the same person they really get to know your skin and figure out the best ways to keep it healthy.


It wasn’t until my last interview that I found exactly what and who I was looking for in a esthetician.  I am so excited!  I will keep you posted on my first treatment as I go through the process and let the locals in on the spa that I liked the best in case they want to check it out.


Really, the object of my post today is to share my research and plan in hopes that maybe it will help one of you.  I know I can’t be the only woman that hits rough spots in her skincare routine.  So with this I have attacked my dry skin challenge and I will keep you posted as the plan moves forward.


Leave me a note and let me know what your favorite skincare is!



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Share With Style!


Bella Perfectionista Spring Wants Collage

Dress :: Top :: Robe :: Slippers :: PJs :: Sandals



Happy snow day to me!  Today it is snowing, snowing, snowing here and we are all having a great snow day.  However, I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that I am hoping that this is the last of it!  I want spring and all the warm weather it brings.  I am excited because next week’s forecast looks warmer so I can get back to doing looks and not be freezing!  I love being a fashion blogger but I hate the cold weather so this winter has been so difficult because it has been so cold!


These pieces up top are the ones on my want list right now.  They are pieces that I am definitely looking to buy and add to my closet.  That dress just screams walking in the little squares in Italy to me.  I am really looking for light and airy things to make me feel like spring has sprung.  Hope you like these fun, little wants as you browse on your snow day.  Stay warm!



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Share With Style!


The Blue Octagon - Bella Perfectionista Blog

The Blue Octagon - Bella Perfectionista Blog 1

The Blue Octagon - Bella Perfectionista Blog 2

The Blue Octagon - Bella Perfectionista Blog 3

The Blue Octagon - Bella Perfectionista Blog 4

The Blue Octagon - Bella Perfectionista Blog 6

The Blue Octagon - Bella Perfectionista Blog 5

So yesterday, I got the pleasure of going to the grand opening of The Blue Octagon in Malvern (on East King Street) and all I can say is, “wow.”  I love home decor and this shop was just bursting with so much stylish and chic decor.  (Hint: meaning I will be back soon since I just moved and I am in the process of making this house our home.) That little comfy, fluffy stool you see above…I am in love with…I hope it is still there because I want it for my closet project we are working on right now—that will be my first home post.  But, look at all the other great items, they are everywhere.  I love that the boutique is set up like a house with each section decorated a little differently.  Also, a ton of great fashion books and colorful flowers and great desk supplies.  They had colorful fashion quoted paper weights, a awesome pair of decorative gold (and functional) scissors (my purchase) and tons of unique pieces to make your house special and not bought all straight from a catalog (you know what I mean, pieces you find that are little treasures that make your home unique).  If you are in the area stop by and take a peek in, it won’t disappoint.


I have no affiliation with the shop, I was just checking it out and this is my personal opinion..so it is worth a trip all my home decor fanatics (like me) out there!



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Share With Style!

About a week ago, I posted on my Facebook page (if you aren’t following why not?) that I was having a winter, dry skin issue.  My skin is extra sensitive and the cold, dry air here in the northeast has been wrecking havoc on it.  My under eyes and nose were the worst and I was researching what I could do in the interim before I could get out to do a facial or talk to the professionals to see what the best method to get rid of the madness is (I will do another post on that as soon as my research is complete!).  Here are some products that I have been using to restore the PH balance in my face and they have been doing a great job.  The absolute best part is that they are all affordable!


Dry Skin - organic cold-pressed olive oil - Bella Perfectionista blog


1. Organic cold-pressed olive oil: You heard me right.  It works and it lasts forever.  I think that most people think that oil will clog the skin, but I haven’t found that to be the case.  Just go to your organic section of your grocery store or go to a health food store and pick one out.  It is cheap and cheerful, but I have found some great benefits to it.  I use it to clear off my skin and rid it from make-up at night.  Then I use a gentle cleaner after that that is for dry skin and it has helped a world!  Something like this is perfect (but it doesn’t have to be this brand, any will work).


Dry Skin - Rose Petal face Wash - Bella Perfectionista blog


2. Elemis Rosepetal Cleaner: This is the face wash I started using.  I was using Pacifia brand and I do love the smell but I think it was drying for me so I switched over to this and it has worked like a charm.  It doesn’t lather at all, which may be weird for some of you, but for me I rather it didn’t lather.  I don’t like my face to be striped of all its essential oils.  I also use the Ginseng or Apricot toner immediately following.  I switch it up every now and then but both are great.


Dry Skin - DHC Concentrated Eye Cream - Bella Perfectionista Blog


3.  Eye Cream:  I was finding that in these cold months that just an eye serum wasn’t working for me.  So I switched to an eye cream.  This is the one I have been using currently and I really like it.  You can’t beat the price either (on sale now)!


Dry Skin - DHC Olive Virgin Oil - Bella Perfectionista Blog


4.  Oil Moisturizer.  I really think that if you try this you might not go back to creams.  It is light on the skin but it really moisturizes and if you put on before your make-up it smooths out your skin and gives it a great glow.


If you try any of these products let me know and tag me in your posts.  I will be sure to respond.  I am interested to see if they work for others like they have worked for me!  Happy no-more-dry-skin!


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Share With Style!

I had a suggestion the other day from a friend that really intrigued me.  She was asking what blogs do I read being a blogger.  Most of the blogs that I read are fashion-friendly, beauty-centered and lifestyle-focused.  I basically gravitate toward lifestyle blogs and occasionally I visit food blogs.  I also have a communication business of my own and through this business I get to work with other blogs and write, edit and brainstorm topics for them too.  So really, I look through a lot of blogs daily in all genres.


Below you will find some blogs that I love.  In the blogging world, I think it is important to support the blogs that you as a blogger love, it truly isn’t a competition because each individual brings something unique and different to the table just by being themselves.  So these are my blogger picks, totally and truly my go-to’s—even more so since I moved and had to take a little break from this blog—which I love—-but as you can see I am slowly get back to it.


1. Barefoot Blonde: I just love this blog and I love how Amber seems so genuinely sweet and sincere.  She has a great sense of style and the girl can braid like no one’s business!  She has the beautiful long blond hair that I will never have being a darker complected Italian girl!  She focuses on fashion, beauty and hair but lots of fun lifestyle stuff in-between.


2. Simply LuLu Style: I love this blog for style inspiration and even though LuLu’s style is a little different than mine, that is what I love.  Looking at another style helps me push my own boundaries.  Plus, she is a local to my area so I have to support that.  She focuses on style and beauty too, but she has been adding in more and more lifestyle and I really like it.


3. Thirty Something Fashion: I met Carly virtually through a media group that I am a part of, so of course have to support someone who loves the same stuff I do!  Her blog is great for style inspiration too.  Carly has a boho style that I really like even though I tend not to wear alot of boho, but I feel like her style really encompasses a lot.  Her posts are super friendly and just very real.  She has a box service that is super cool and I love reading about it and seeing the looks she is putting together.


4. Sarah Rachel Photography: Sarah has a true talent.  Her images are so refined and I love them.  She has a great eye and she is always giving great tips on her blog.  She doesn’t just do wedding photography.  If you are thinking of taking some images as a couple or you are taking your kids shots, she is a great resource for cool poses and backgrounds.


5. Playdates and Pearls: I met Samantha via Intagram and she has a super cute blog that focuses on fashion, beauty, life, home decor and motherhood.  She is so conversational and has a great sense of humor.  Definitely a good read, check her out.


So here are the top five lifestyle blogs that I want to read time and time again.   If you are interested in another post like this, let me know! I narrowed down to my top five but there is definitely a lot more great blogs out there.






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Share With Style!

Hello to everyone out there!  I am sorry that I have been MIA over the past few weeks.  I have been wanting to get back to the blog but we moved, my communications business picked up and, well, life just kind of happened.  I will be back and I am working now on getting back in the swing of a normal routine.  I am still under some boxes from packing and moving and now the unpacking.  I seriously will scream if I ever see another box after this! I have an aversion to them now.  My son’s birthday just passed so in the mist of unpacking we had a party in the half unpacked house which proved to be interesting.


I have been working on getting my littles settled with the change and getting my office set up in the new digs, so it has been hectic.  I have some great looks planned and I am going to add a home section to the blog that features some projects that I am working on.  I love home decor almost as much as fashion so I would love to give some inspiration with my style and help others discover their own.


With that I will be back soon and thank you so much for your understanding!  I love my little corner of the web and feel like it is always a positive place with great readers.  Thank you for sticking with me as I pull life back on track!





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